About The AAU Junior Olympic Games

The AAU Junior Olympic Games have become the showcase event of the Amateur Athletic Union (AAU), attracting more than 15,000 youth athletes for the largest national multi-sport event in the United States.

Celebrating its 50th annual event this year, the AAU Junior Olympic Games began on August 21st, 1967 when Vice President Hubert H. Humphrey proclaimed the start at the Departmental Auditorium on Constitutional Avenue in Washington D.C.. The inaugural event drew 523 youth athletes who competed for National Championships in swimming and track and field, establishing 18 AAU records during the event.

This year marks the first time in history american football, any form of (Tackle, Flag or Touch) will be a medalled sport as over 1,400 Athletes from around the United States and Canada will compete in the 2016 AAU Junior Olympic Games.


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Joe Kelly Butler Sports Complex, 13755 Main Street, Houston, Texas, 77035




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  • The 7 v 7 culture is rapidly growing and sweeping the nation, with more and more coaches and players discovering the sport as a safer alternative to traditional football, while also providing them a way to develop their position-specific skill set.

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